Dear Visitor, please note our online booking system closes 36 hours before the date and time of your selected tour. If you wish to book within the 36 hour window please contact us directly on 071 963 9268, alternatively email [email protected].

Please be aware, that for the foreseeable future, our guided sites tours will be slightly altered from the norm, in order to keep in line with our COVID-19 guidelines, and our insurances.
1. We will not be able to transport our visitors out to Rathcroghan in our bus, due to social distancing restrictions, so we would ask that the visitor provide their own transport at this time.
2. We will not be in a position to offer guided entry into Oweynagat cave, as the cramped and narrow environment means that we cannot adhere to social distancing restrictions at this time, however all of our guided tours will bring the visit to the cave entrance.