Emania 21 – Bulletin Of The Navan Research Group


Emania is the premier interdisciplinary journal publishing original research on Ireland’s Celtic past. The main focus of the journal is on the Ulster Cycle of tales, the ancient ‘Royal Sites’ of Ireland and the archaeology and environment of Ireland in the period from the Late Bronze Age until the Early

The contents of issue 21 are as follows:

  • Editorial
  • Maria Tsvetoukhina, Tatyana Mikhailova, Grigory Bondarenko:
  • The Ulster Cycle in Russia
  • Mary Leenane:
  • Cú Chulainn’s ríastrad and Related Contortions
  • R.B. Warner:
  • Ptolemy’s Isamnion Promontory: Rehabilitation and Identification
  • John Ó Neill:
  • Lieutenant-General Alexander Campbell’s Loughnashade Horn
  • R.B. Warner:
  • A Lost, Iberian-style, Bronze Age Gold Neck-ring from near Navan, Co. Armagh
  • C. O. Hunt:
  • Fire, Rush Lights and Pine at Navan?
  • Victoria Ginn:
  • Power to the People: Reinterpreting Bronze Age Society
  • M. Baillie and D. Brown:
  • A Chronological Framework for the Period from 208 BC to AD 600
  • Lisa Coyle McClung:
  • The Late Iron Age Lull – not so Late Iron Age after all!

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