Emania – Bulletin Of The Navan Research Group Number 22


Emania is the premier interdisciplinary journal publishing original research on Ireland’s Celtic past. The main focus of the journal is on the Ulster Cycle of tales, the ancient ‘Royal Sites’ of Ireland and the archaeology and environment of Ireland in the period from the Late Bronze Age until the Early Medieval period.

The contents of issue 22 is as follows:

  • Editorial
  • Ranke de Vries: The Ulster Cycle in the Netherlands
  • J.P. Mallory and Gina Baban:  Excavations in Haughey’s Fort East
  • Meriel McClatchie: Food Production in the Bronze Age: Analysis of Plant Macro-remains from Haughey’s Fort, Co. Armagh
  • Gina Baban: Late Bronze Age Pottery from the Excavations at Haughey’s Fort East
  • Dirk Brandherm: Late Bronze Age casting debris and other base metal finds from Haughey’s Fort
  • R.B. Warner: The Gold Fragments from Haughey’s Fort, Co. Armagh: Description and XRF Analysis
  • Rena Maguire: The Y-piece: Function, Production, Typology and Possible Origins
  • Billy Ó Foghlú: Irish Iron Age Horns, and the Conical Spearbutt of Navan: A Mouthpiece Investigation
  • Chris Lynn: Some Pictish Symbols: Leatherworking Diagrams and Razor Holders?
  • Grigory Bondarenko: A ‘Kshatriya Revolution’ in the Ulster Cycle?
  • Paul Gosling: The Route of Táin Bó Cúailnge Revisited

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