Rathcroghan – “Bringing Ireland’s Past and Legends to Life”

Rathcroghan (Cruachan Aí), is the oldest and largest unexcavated Royal Site in Europe. It is known as the Sacred Capital of Connacht, and is the location where the festival of Samhain (Halloween) is said to originate. Experience Rathcroghans rich archaeology, mythology and history through our interpretive rooms and expertly guided tours of this majestic landscape. The Rathcroghan Visitor Centre is home to our interpretative rooms and museum, and is located in the medieval village of Tulsk, Co. Roscommon.

The Rathcroghan landscape boasts over 240 identified archaeological sites, contained within an area of 6.5km², which range in date from the Neolithic Period or New Stone Age (c. 3500 BC), through to the late Medieval period, spanning a staggering period of over 5,500 years. It is the location of some 28 identified burial mounds from the Bronze and Iron Age, numerous ringforts (settlement sites) of early Medieval date, standing stones, linear earthworks, stone forts, a great Iron Age ritual sanctuary, and even a Gate to Hell! In truth, an archaeologist’s dream.

Tread across Rathcroghans ancient landscape, in the footsteps of the great warrior Queen Medb, who ruled all of Connacht from her home here at Rathcroghan. Listen to the epic tale of the Táin Bó Cuailnge, featuring a host of legendary heroes including Medb herself, the Battle Goddess Mórrígan, Connacht warrior Fráoch, and the boy hero Cú Chulainn, whose names and deeds are inextricably linked to the landscape that surrounds Rathcroghan.

Experience the legendary Oweynagat (Cave of the Cats), described as Ireland’s “Gate to Hell” and entrance to the Otherworld by fearful Christian scribes. Climb to the top of the majestic and enigmatic Rathcroghan Mound, which in the Iron Age was impressively topped with wooden ramparts and ceremonial henges, and whose secret heart remains an untouched mystery.

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How To Get Here - Rathcroghan Visitor Centre
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Tours & Opening Times - Rathcroghan Visitor Centre

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Visitor Reviews

  •   I got up early the morning of May 9th and researched things to do in the area and thought it looked interesting. I love mythology, mixed with a bit of truth. We got in just a few minutes before 2. Mike was kind enough to...More

    thumb Steve B
  •   I was somewhat skeptical about stopping in and taking this tour. I WAS WRONG! Our tour guide, Michael was wonderful. He has so much knowledge of the area and Irish mythology and shares it in a most delightful way. He has a great way of...More

    thumb t0mmiej0er
  •   Called in to the centre with my friend and we were warmly welcomed by very friendly and knowledgeable staff. The exhibition is very well put together and really interesting. Really enjoyed the movie and the prints of Louis Le Brocquys paintings also. We didn't have...More

    thumb CGildea
  •   excellent interesting and very well put together just shows the power of community, its easy to find, staff very helpful gave us lots of time and were prepared to share the development of the project and the story behind it

    thumb 555eileend
  •   I visited the Rathcroghan Visitors' Centre with a party of 22 - the Donegal Historical Society - yesterday, 4th May 2019. We had a great experience, staring with our guide Mike McCarthy who was beyond excellent, shared so much information, great stories, wonderful retelling of...More

    thumb PatrickBoner
  •   Prefect spot to stop, visit the exhibit, bite to eat, visit the gift shop for the Rathcrogan Guidebook and definitely recommend the tour. Great mix of myths, legends, Celtic history and archaeology.

    thumb Sanu67
  •   We had a great visit here, the largest part being a tour of the Rathcroghan Mound and a clamber underground into the Cave of Cats plus lunch and a look through the visitor centre. Our guide, Daniel, really helped us connect the dots between the...More

    thumb Dream30554
  •   My husband and I visited here and had breakfast and then a tour of the sites. We are both vegetarians and ordered the veggie breakfast! Wow it was amazing one of the nicest we had in Ireland. Amazing tour through the site with a great...More

    thumb KristyL866
  •   If you like your History and Geography you have to go on this experience. My guide Elaine was excellent, very knowledgeable and passionate about the experience you get. You'll need either a change of clothes after the cave visit or some coveralls as a tad...More

    thumb teach642019
  •   Wow..not sure where to start! My mam and I visited the Croghan site two days ago and we’re still talking about it. Lovely centre with clear audiovisuals that whet your appetite for the journey ahead. Mike was our guide on the day and did a...More

    thumb FiNiLiathain