Emania Vol.19, Focus on Navan (2002)


Emania Vol.19, 2002

Bulletin of the Navan Research Group

Focus on Navan

Emania is the premier interdisciplinary journal publishing original research on Ireland’s Celtic past. The main focus of the journal is on the Ulster Cycle of tales, the ancient ‘Royal Sites’ of Ireland and the archaeology and environment of Ireland in the period from the Late Bronze Age until the Early Medieval period.

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Emania Vol.19, Bulletin of the Navan Research Group, Focus on Navan (2002)


Lynn, C.J.: Navan Fort Site C excavations, May 2000: interim report (no 2), 5-18.
Dunlop, W.; Lynn, C. & Pullin, K..: A note on an experimental burning at Navan, Co. Armagh, 19-23.
Gault, Andrew: Applying Bayesian mathematics to the Navan Fort radiocarbon chronology, 25-34.
Warner, R.B.: A newly discovered Iron-Age ‘pendant’ from Navan, 37-42.
Ó hUiginn, Ruairí: Oileamhain Con Cualainn: ‘Cú Chulainn’s Training’, 43-52.
Wiley, Dan M.: Stories about Diarmait mac Cerbaill from the Book of Lismore, 53-59.
Russell, C.: Regionalism within Bronze Age Ireland, 61-73.
Alberro, M.: Celtic heritage in the North-west of the Iberian Peninsula, 75-84.

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