Queen Medb Family Tree Wallchart


It would be impossible to discuss Irish history or mythology without considering its most vivid female character, the Iron Age Warrior Queen Medb (Maeve). Although once generally regarded as an historical character, modern scholars see her in a somewhat different light, in the guise of a divine goddess like figure. Whichever way you consider her there is no doubt that she captures the imagination of generations. Perhaps this is due to the fact that Medb seems to embody all aspects, from the royal and sacred, to the mythological and divine. This enigmatic queen crosses all borders with her universal appeal, and it is certainly no exaggeration for us to regard her as a national emblem.

This beautiful bespoke fold out Family Tree Wallchart display, gives details of Queen Medb’s life, character, numerous marriages and offspring, death and burial.

Size – A2, full colour, 200gsm gloss.