Had Me Made: A Study Of The Grave Memorials Of Co.Sligo From C.1650 To Present (Hardcover)


Full Descriptions of Eighty Memorials from all over Co. Sligo with comparative entries for over 500 memorials which commemorate past loved ones, some, the short and only annals of many a departed soul, others monuments of national importance, together with notices, details and location of the graveyards.

The styles of artwork, the first written description of the Masons of Sligo, who so lovingly carved these monuments, notices of the families commemorated, their lives and properties illustrated by 230 photographs, selected from an archive of 7,000 photographs, rubbings, drawings and a map. Provided to assist the reader in appreciating those memorials and the many other memorials to the dead of Co. Sligo of the last 4 centuries.

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