Lady Of The Lake & Other Short Stories By Richard Golden


This collection of nineteen short stories deals with murder, the supernatural, immigration, separation, relationships, love and life. While the stories are set mainly in rural Ireland some inevitably cross the Irish sea. They provide a glimpse of Irish life fast disappearing and range from dark comedy to poignancy.

In ‘Lady of the Lake’ the peace and tranquility of a lakeside village is broken by the murder of a quiet if somewhat inquisitive stranger.

The ticking of an old clock brings back childhood memories of a formidable old woman in ‘Kate the Bush.’

​The short story ‘The Homecoming’ explores the relationship between a father and son against the background of immigration and advancing years.

In ‘A Grave Matter’, Flaherty’s pub is frequented by local drunkards, headers, wasters and anybody else who happens yo be passing by and has the misfortune to call in.

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