Moore and Creagh, Volume 3


Moore and Creagh in South Roscommon by Padraic and Xandra Kilduff.

This edition is the third installment of the three volumes on the parishes of Moore
and Creagh, which make up the Half Barony of Moycarn, and cover its history
from earliest times to the first decades of the 20th century.


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This is the third volume on Moore and Creagh parishes up to the early 20th century, covering the tapestry of life from the drawing rooms to the turf fire of the cottage. Witnesses to the collapse of the old order in the birth of the new nation, they struggled to keep a roof over their heads. Both watched their children flee to foreign shores and had to close the door, often for the last time. The landed families of D’Arcy, Potts and Mather saw their male heirs end tragically. Those who worked the land and the priests of the community struggled and fought in the Nationalism of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, that the land would be for their people. They risked retribution and eviction, culminating in the Cattle Drives of 1916 on Falty estate, where the forces of the crown witnessed the determination of the tenant farmer.

Love, politics, hatred, grief, but most of all the footprints left by those who passed through on their life’s journey. Their story is our story.

Padraic Kilduff graduated with his B.A. degree, Higher Diploma in
Education and M.A. in History from N.U.I.Galway. His family lived from
the 1740’s in Moore .
Xandra Kilduff graduated with her Higher Diploma in
Education in N.U.I.Galway and her M.A in Medieval Studies from
Trinity Saint David College University of Wales.

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