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Roscommon Castle - A Visitors Guide By Margaret Murphy and Kieran O'Conor

Roscommon Castle – A Visitors Guide By Margaret Murphy and Kieran O’Conor


“In Roscommon Castle a Visitor’s Guide Margaret Murphy and Kieran O’Conor chart the history and architectural development of Roscommon Castle from the mid-thirteenth century onwards. The full colour illustrated guidebook has chapters called: The History of the Castle, The Siting of the Castle, A tour of the Late Thirteeneth-Century Castle, The Late Medieval O’Conor Occupation and A Tour of the Late Sixteenth-Century Castle. The guidebook also includes two detailed historical reconstruction drawings by Daniel Tietzsch Tyler.

This guidebook is intended to be a comprehensive guide for visitors to Roscommon castle, as well as a point of reference for academics and local historians. Historic Reconstruction Drawings used in the guidebook intended to give the visitor an impression of what the castle may have been like in the thirteenth and sixteenth centuries.”

“Authors: Dr Kieran O’Conor is a lecturer in archaeology in NUI, Galway. Margaret Murphy MA graduated from NUIG in 2002, after writing her Masters Dissertation on the subject of Roscommon Castle. She wrote the guidebook based on the findings of her Masters. She works as a freelance archaeologist and lives in Galway.”

Royal Inauguration In Gaelic Ireland C.1100 - 1600: A Cultural Landscape Study (Studies In Celtic History)Out Of Stock

Royal Inauguration In Gaelic Ireland C.1100 – 1600: A Cultural Landscape Study (Studies In Celtic History)


This investigation considers the places on the Irish landscape where open-air Gaelic royal inauguration assemblies were held in the period c. 1100-1600. Specially designated inauguration sites played an important role in the political life of Gaelic lordships in later medieval Ireland.

Gaelic ruling families often appropriated prehistoric ritual landscapes for their royal assemblies in order to attach the pedigree of a royal candidate to an illustrious past; such sites might be an alleged burial place of an eponymous ancestor or a legendary heroic figure, or an ancient landscape associated with renowned events.

This study of their physical appearance, place-names, and geographical and historical contexts ranges over all the archaeological sites identified as inauguration places – enclosures, sepulchral mounds, natural places, ringforts and churches, and associated inauguration furniture in the form of leaca and stone thrones, basin stones and sacred trees.

Irish royal assembly places and practices are viewed in relation to sites elsewhere in Britain and greater Europe, and the circumstances that brought about the ending of the Gaelic practice of inauguration are also considered.

Author – Elizabeth Fitzpatrick

Sliabh Bán - A Historical Journey

Sliabh Bán – A Historical Journey


Covering a large swathe of the eastern part of the county, ‘Sliabh Bán, A Historical Journey’, is a 470-page volume which chronicles the lives and times of generations past who lived on and around the rugged mountain.

This publication is the culmination of twenty years of research and writing by Henry Owens of Lismehy. He has been assisted in recent years by Mike Lennon, now Dublin-based, but who grew up in Corbohill.


Sligo Field Club Journal Vol.1

Sligo Field Club Journal Vol.1


Sligo Field Club was 70 years old in 2015 and to celebrate the occasion it has published the first volume of what it hopes will be an annual journal. There are 15 articles covering a period of 5,000 years.

Topics included:

  • Megalithic tombs of Sligo
  • Early Christian sites and early roads
  • The symbolism of Griffins
  • Folklore on the source of the Moy
  • The Spanish Armada and Sligo business history
  • The Jalandhar Mutiny
  • Barytes mining and aspects of the natural world such as ornithology, butterflies and moths.
Sligo Field Journal Vol.2

Sligo Field Journal Vol.2


Contents include:

  • Bunduff Four-poster
  • A Sand Dune or Mound
  • Moytara Stone Axheads
  • A Priest, A Cairn and a Bead
  • A Violent Death in Medieval Sligo
  • The Place Name Bradullen
  • Sligo Salt Industry : 1700-1850
  • Map of Sligo Gas Network in 1861
  • Gulls of Sligo Town
  • Dragonflies and Damselflies of Sligo
  • Yeats International Summer School.
Sligo Field Journal Vol.3

Sligo Field Journal Vol.3


Contents include:

  • A Souterrain in a Midden at Culleenamore
  • A Chair for Dubhaltach Mac Fhir Bhisigh
  • The ‘Poets Chairs’ at Skreen
  • Mac Fhirbhisigh Memorial: unveiling
  • Evidence for Surnames in Sligo Placenames
  • Jones Family, Benada Abbey, Co. Sligo
  • German Perceptions of Sligo: 1850s, Col. W.G. Wood-Martin, 1847 – 1917
  • Marine Debris Along the Sligo Coast
  • Death’s-head Hawk-moth in Co. Sligo
  • An Interview with Jack Flynn.
Taughmaconnell A History

Taughmaconnell A History


This 2nd edition of the book explores the history and times past of the parish of Taughmaconnell in South Roscommon and comes eighteen years on from the first iteration.

The aim of the book is to provide a window into a way of life, much of which is no longer to be seen. It is the story of struggle, comradeship and an appreciation of community.

The Landed Estates Of County Roscommon

The Landed Estates Of County Roscommon


Paul Connolly, originally from Mount Talbot, County Roscommon, has a keen interest in history, particularly in the history of his local area and county. Paul is the administrator for the very popular Facebook page that shares its name with this publication. This beautiful bespoke book is a paperback and the width of the spine gives an indication of the thickness of the book, 273 pages jam packed full of photographs and information.

The Roscommon Anthology - A Celebration Of Roscommons WritersOut Of Stock

The Roscommon Anthology – A Celebration Of Roscommons Writers


This is an A to Z celebration of Roscommon Writers, with work from Gerry Boland, Patrick Chapman, Jane Clarke, Margret Cousins, Bithia Mary Croker, Charlotte O’Conor Eccles, Percy French, Kieran Furey, Oliver Goldsmith, Hanna Greally, Kevin Hora, Douglas Hyde, Ann Joyce, Brian Leydan, Alice Lyons, Tomás Láidír MacCoisdealbha, John McGahern, Arthur Murphy, Turlough O’Carolan, M.F. Ó’Conchuir, Micheal O’Dea, Brian O’Dougherty, Seán Ó’Neachtain, Thomas Heazle Parke, Grace Rhys, Dermot Somers, Edward Synge, Marie-Louise Legg, David Thomson, Mary Turley-McGrath, John Waters and William Robert Wills Wilde.

Foreword by Professor Mary McAleese.

Contains a Literary Road Map of County Roscommon.

Thomas J. Devine (1862 - 1941) And The Election Of The Snows. The North Roscommon By Election Of 1917 By Tomás FlynnOut Of Stock

Thomas J. Devine (1862 – 1941) And The Election Of The Snows. The North Roscommon By Election Of 1917 By Tomás Flynn


Thomas J. Devine was born on the 16th of November 1862 at Clarkwood, Co. Sligo.

​He was an administrator of public affairs for County Roscommon over a lengthy period.

​​The table of contents include:

– James J. O’ Kelly
– The Irish Party and the United Irish League
– Thomas J. Devine’s Family Background
– Early Political Career
– Jasper Tully
– Selection of Candidates
– The Election Campaign
– The Election and How its Result was Received
– Life After Politics