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From Kings to Warlords – Katharine Simms


From Kings to Warlords: The Changing Political Structure of Gaelic Ireland in the Later Middle AgesKatharine Simms

The Norman invasion of Ireland (1169) did not result in a complete conquest, and those native Irish chieftains who retained independent control of their territories achieved a recovery of power in the later middle ages. Katharine Simms studies the experience of the resurgent chieftains, who were undergoing significant developments during this period. The most obvious signs of change were the gradual disappearance of the title (king), and the ubiquitous presence of mercenary soldiers. On a deeper level, the institution of kingship itself had died, as is shown by this study of the election and inauguration of Irish kings, their counsellors, officials, vassals, army, and sources of revenue, as they evolved between the twelfth and sixteenth centuries. Sources such as the Irish chronicles, bardic poetry, genealogies, brehon charters and rentals, family-tract and sagas are all used, in addition to the more familiar evidence of the Anglo-Norman administration, the Church, and Tudor state papers.

Dr Katharine Simms lectures in the Department of Medieval History, Trinity College, Dublin.


Roscommon Under 21 Football Team – All Ireland Champions 1966


Roscommon Under 21 Football Team – All Ireland Champions 1966

Compiled by Paul Mockler, this 90 page fully illustrated colour journal was produced to commemorate the great achievements of the mighty Roscommon Under 21’s who won All Ireland glory in 1966.

All surplus proceeds from the sale of this journal will be donated to Western Alzheimer’s.


The Last Battle of Moytura – Sean Fitzgerald


The Last Battle of Moytura (2nd Edition 2021) by the Irish illustrator and author Sean Fitzgerald, is a retelling of the adventures of the legendary god Lugh Lámfada of the Tuatha Dé Danann and of the conflict between these deities and the feral Fomorian tribe and their leader, Balor of the Evil Eye.

Every single page is beautifully illustrated with decorative knot-work threaded through images of deities and nature, which makes this graphic novel a must for lovers of both artwork and Irish mythology.


The Burning of Knockcroghery by AnnMarie Murray


The Burning of Knockcroghery

Written and Illustrated by AnnMarie Murray

This colourful children’s book brings to life the story of the burning of Knockcroghery in 1921 by the Black and Tans and the resilience of the local community as they deal with the aftermath of their destroyed village. Told through the eyes of young Sally Finnegan, it is vividly illustrated and contains interesting facts on the Crofton estate at Mote Park, the Clay Pipe industry and the backdrop of revolutionary Ireland. 

An Teachtaire – Colmán Ó Raghallaigh


An Teachtaire le Colmán Ó’Raghallaigh, Maisithe ag Tomm Moore.

“I see great danger coming… the slave shall return.” This is the chilling prediction of Lochrú the Druid, to the High King and his courtiers. But if he does return, will the powers of darkness be able to prevent his mission? Or can he overcome the druids and the old order? The second part of the epic tale of Patrick, full of action and spine-tingling tension.

“Feicim contúirt mhór thar sáile chugainn… Fillfidh an sclábhaí.” Sin an tuar a dhéanann Lochrú, an draoi, don Ardrí agus lucht a chúirte. Ach ma fhilleann, an mbeidh fórsaí an áibhirseora in ann a mhisean a chur ó mhaith? Nó an dtig leis dul i ngleic leis na draoithe agus an seanréimeas a chloí? An dara cuid de scéal eipiciúil Phádraic, é lán d’aicsin agus teannais.

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An Sclábhaí le Colmán Ó Raghallaigh


This is the gripping story of Patrick, the slave boy, his capture by Irish raiders and his dramatic escape. The first Irish graphic novel, magnificently illustrated throughout, it is suitable for all readers from 10 to adult.

An Sclábhaí won a prestigious Bisto Merit Award in May 2002.

English translation available at

An Táin - Colmán Ó Raghallaigh, Barry Reynolds

An Táin – Colmán Ó Raghallaigh, Barry Reynolds


A stunning graphic novel of An Táin, the classic tale of Cúchulainn, Queen Méabh and the cattle-raid for the Brown bull of Cooley. Written by prize-winning author Colmán Ó Raghallaigh, superbly illustrated by Barry Reynolds and produced by the Cartoon Saloon in full-colour graphic novel format, this is the fourth in a series of highly successful Irish language graphic novels published by Cló Mhaigh Eo.

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An Tóraíocht – Colmán Ó Raghallaigh


An Tóraíocht – le Colmán Ó Raghallaigh

A haunting tale of love and jealousy where Gráinne and Diarmaid are relentlessly pursued by Fionn whose desire for revenge must inevitably lead to tragic consequences. A superbly illustrated and fast-paced graphic novel.

Tá an grá agus and t-éad fite fuaite lena chéile sa scéal tragóideach seo ina chuireann Gráinne an laoch óg, Diarmaid, faoi gheasa í a bhreith leis ón bhfear a bhfuil sí geallta leis. Sárinsint agus sárléaráidí ó thús go deireadh.

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Deirdre agus Mic Uisnigh le Colmán Ó Raghallaigh


The tragic tale of Deirdre and the sons of Uisneach, one of the classics of Irish literature, skilfully retold in graphic novel format by Colmán Ó Raghallaigh and superbly illustrated by Barry Reynolds and Audrey O’Brien. Tragic and moving, this companion volume to the award-winning, An Táin, captures all the richness of language and relentless excitement of the original Irish tale.

English translation available at

Charles O’Conor of Ballinagare, Life & Works, Luke Gibbons & Kieran O’Conor (editors)


Charles O’Conor of Ballinagare (1710–91) was one of 18th-century Ireland’s greatest scholars. Writing in both Irish and English, his work was clearly influenced by the Enlightenment and he regularly corresponded with the important intellectual and cultural figures of his day. O’Conor is regarded as having played a key role in founding the modern study of Ireland’s language, culture and history. He was author of the highly influential Dissertations on the ancient history of Ireland, along with many other works. He endeavoured to advance the civil rights of Roman Catholics, then marginalized by the Penal Laws, and in 1756 he was one of the founder members of the Catholic Association. This volume on the life and work of this great Irishman consists of a dozen essays by experts in language, literature, archaeology, history and architecture.

Dysart Rural Men's Group - Celebrating 10 Years

Dysart Rural Men’s Group – Celebrating 10 Years


The Dysart Rural Men’s Group was established in 2007 to provide a social outlet for men from the wide catchment area of Dysart, enabling them to meet in the local community centre and engage in various projects/activities.

The men’s group have left a wonderful legacy with this publication and is now to be added to their other projects which are showcased in this book. This publication is replete with beautiful photographs and captures 10 years of memories, friendships, fulfillment, achievements and community spirit.

Emania Vol. 13, 1995 – Focus on the Origins of Early Christian Ireland.


Emania Vol. 13

Bulletin of the Navan Research Group, 1995 –

Focus on the Origins of Early Christian Ireland.

Emania is the premier interdisciplinary journal publishing original research on Ireland’s Celtic past. The main focus of the journal is on the Ulster Cycle of tales, the ancient ‘Royal Sites’ of Ireland and the archaeology and environment of Ireland in the period from the Late Bronze Age until the Early Medieval period.

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